Improve Your Sleep

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We’re hosting a Sleep Retreat here at the hotel on the 20th and 21st October 2021.  Details of this event can be found below, if you would like more information or would like to make a booking please call 01594 833046.


What is a Sleep Retreat?….

A sleep retreat is a weekend away, at the beautiful Tudor Farmhouse Hotel, with stunning scenery, where you will relax, rewind, rejuvenate and learn all the skills you need to get your sleep back on track.

Do you have problems sleeping? Struggle getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking too early? Well, you are certainly not alone. 70% of the population have changed their sleeping habits since the COVID pandemic, according to the British Sleep Society 40% of the population have insomnia.

Do you feel you have tried everything, but nothing works? Why not join us for a sleep retreat at The Tudor Farmhouse Hotel in the Forest of Dean?

Certified sleep practitioner and nurse prescriber, Joanna Kippax, founder of WyeSleep, will direct the sessions. With many years of experience, you will be in safe and reliable hands.

The sleep retreat will dispel the myths around sleep and give you only evidence based information and techniques, so that you can leave the retreat feeling refreshed, informed, and able to manage your sleep in a positive and proactive way.


What does It involve?…

Arrive Wednesday October 20th for one or two nights:

Sessions take place on the Wednesday and Thursday from 10-4

Bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner on each night

Sleep sessions with Joanna

A gorgeous Laze candle to help you relax

Single Occupancy: Hatchling Room- £588 for two nights or £399 for one night

Double or Twin Occupancy: Hatchling Room – £429 for two nights or £319 for one night

Group size: maximum 12. Prices above are per person.

You can upgrade your room if you wish by adding £60 for a hen room; £120 for a cockerel room; £240 for a suite.


About the retreat:

Topics to be covered will include:

*What does sleep need?

*We’ll explore questions such as “Why can’t I get to sleep? Why do I keep waking through the night? Why can’t I get back to sleep and why do I wake so early in the morning?”

*What is stopping you from sleeping?

*Learn how to take control of your sleep, rather than sleep taking control over you.

*How to manage a racing mind at night.

*Sleep and the menopause (optional session)

*Learn techniques that you can apply at home, to see lasting improvement.

*This is not a sleep hygiene course, with tips and hints. (You will have tried that already!) It is an evidence-based treatment for insomnia.

*They’ll be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

*Excellent food, a beautiful hotel and time to explore the local area.

We hope you’ll join us to start your journey to better sleep and have a great weekend too!!


About Joanna…

Joanna Kippax RGN / RSCN / NMP / SP

Joanna is a certified sleep practitioner and independent nurse prescriber. She is the founder and director of WyeSleep, a sleep health service based in Herefordshire. She applies her 37 years of nursing experience and knowledge to support clients of all ages with sleep difficulties, either individually or in groups. Joanna also runs a range of sleep workshops, making them bespoke for each client group, whether that be in a corporate setting with businesses, or in a private workplace or charity. Joanna helped businesses during the COVID crisis to support their employees to maximise their sleep, increase their productivity

and reduce workplace errors and accidents. She has also worked voluntarily with NHS healthcare staff during the pandemic to support employees to sleep well. Sleep helps to boost the immune system, protecting the individual against contracting the COVID virus, ensuring staff remain in good health. Joanna has an empathetic but informative approach and sessions are interactive, engaging and have consistently excellent feedback.