Check in is from 3pm. If you require an earlier check in, please call us to discuss on 01594 833046.

Check out is at 11am.

Internet access is available through the hotel. Simply click on one of the “Tudor Farmhouse Guests” network .There is no need for a password and there is no charge for this service. You will first need to login to the network before you can access the internet via apps on smart phones and tablets. If you experience any difficulties, contact reception.

The village is covered by a good Vodafone signal, however, coverage from other networks can be patchy (or non existent). If you cannot find a signal you may want to try the garden at the rear of the hotel or make a call over the wifi.

To contact reception please either call us on 01594 833046, email us at [email protected] or dial 0 from the phone in your room.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch and American Express cards. Please note we do not accept cheques.

We have two dedicated electric car chargers in the top car park for your use. Cars should not be charged from plugs in your bedrooms or our outside plus. Our insurance would not cover damage caused in the event of a power surge.

When reception is closed a duty manager is available on +44 7387 707029.

In the event of a fire, please leave the room immediately closing the door behind you and proceed to the assembly point at the back of the car park. Fire alarms can be manually activated by breaking the glass in one of the alarm points in the corridor. If you require assistance in the event of fire please inform reception on check-in. Please note that all fire alarm are tested one day per week at approximately 11am.

All of our televisions now have fire sticks or are smart TVs. To watch terrestrial, live TV please enter the app for the channel you require (for example BBC iPlayer for BBC channels). If you have any problems, please contact reception.

All rooms which are fitted with Velux Skylights are equipped with rods for opening and closing the windows and blinds. If you are experiencing any difficulty with your windows or blinds please call reception by dialling 0.

You are kindly reminded that this is a non smoking hotel, but you are able to do so outside where we have allocated smoking bins.

There is a large selection of leaflets available in reception for the local area, plus walking guides for walks from or neat the hotel. Walking books and some maps are available to borrow from reception.

We can provide an iron and ironing board upon request. You are kindly advised not to use your own iron as this may trip the electricity in the building.

You will find a hair dryer either in your wardrobe or one of the drawers. Should it be missing please dial 0 and we will be happy to bring one to your room. You are kindly advised not to use your own hairdryer as this may trip the electricity in the building.

Heating in your room can be adjusted on individual radiators and there is a heater in your wardrobe – these also work as fans for warmer weather.

Looking to book an activity? Find our list of suggested activity providers here.


CDS Taxis – +44 1594 834834

Sovereign – +44 1594 836757

Moriarty’s – +44 1594 810838


Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the laundry to be washed and ironed. If a quicker service is required please advise reception. The following tariff applies:

  • Blouse/Shirt/Trousers – £3.00 per item
  • Dress – £5.00 per item
  • Skirt/Jeans – £4.00 per item
  • Briefs/Pants/Socks/Tights – £0.75 per item
  • Jumper/Tracksuit – £4.50 per item
  • Pyjamas – £3.50 per item
  • T-shirt/Shorts – £1.50 per item
  • Other tops – £2.50 per item

The nearest dentist is Willow Tree Dental Practice: 2 Part Court, Coleford, GL16 8RG. +44 1594 810366

In the case of emergency call (9)999. For out of hours medical advice call (9)111.

To contact the police, fire brigade or ambulance in an emergency you should dial 999 from any public phone. From any hotel phone please dial 9-999. From mobile phones dial 112.

Please feel free to leave all outgoing mail at reception.

In Coleford town centre, you will find a cash point outside the Tesco Express.

There is a public telephone outside the Village Hall which is located next-door-but-one to the hotel.

We are committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the local, national and global environment for future generations.

We do this by:

  1. Using low energy light bulbs in all lights
  2. Having small kettles in bedrooms to reduce the amount of water that can be boiled at one time.
  3. Having a towel and linen policy in our bedroom to help reduce water usage.
  4. Reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill by recycling glass and plastic bottles, reducing the amount of paper we use and composting waste food.
  5. By purchasing locally and asking suppliers to respect our environmental principals, we have greater control over packaging and food is fresh and has not been subjected to significant travel time.
  6. Using Fairtrade tea and coffee in the bedrooms and in the restaurant
  7. We have recently replaced all our old gas boilers with new energy efficient ones.