Yoga Retreats with Mel Skinner

In May 2021 we will be running two 3 day/2night yoga retreats back to back so you can opt for one or the other or both. The first two night yoga retreat will take place on May 7 & 8 and includes a relaxing stay in a luxury room plus:

  • bed, breakfast and dinner on both nights
  • Yoga with Mel
  • Lunch provided by Come to Good
  • Saturday Sound Ceremony

Single Occupancy: Hatchling Room- £625

Double or Twin Occupancy: Hatchling Room – £495

The second retreat takes place on May 9 & 10, and includes:

  • bed, breakfast and dinner on both nights
  • Yoga with Mel
  • Lunch provided by Come to Good

Single Occupancy: Hatchling Room- £575

Double or Twin Occupancy: Hatchling Room – £450

Or combine the two for a four night break at the following reduced prices:

Single Occupancy: Hatchling Room- £1100

Double or Twin Occupancy: Hatchling Room – £895

Maximum group size is 14. See more information about our rooms here.

About Mel

Mel has been teaching yoga since 2014, and specialises in hatha yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra. Yoga brings the release of physical, emotional and mental tensions and we immediately start to feel better about ourselves and the world around us. Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated – simply bringing conscious awareness to the way we move, breathe and think can be incredibly healing.

Mel teaches regular yoga workshops, including yoga for healthy backs, yoga for cyclists, how to develop a yoga practice at home, and yoga nidra. She is based in Bristol and has taught in Greece, practiced in India, and runs retreats and workshops across south west England and Wales. In September 2020 her first book, Rest Is Radical, will be published by Aeon Books.

About Come to Good

Come to Good offers delicious nourishment, top to toe, inside and out. We’re about bringing people, food and wellbeing together. Whether it be around a nourishing feast, at an inspiring retreat or through a restorative massage treatment we leave you energised and ready to step back in to the world afresh. Through this collaboration with the Tudor Farmhouse we have curated a series of retreats bringing you some of the best wellbeing and creative practitioners we know to offer you a unique experience and an escape from the busy digital day-to-day.

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Yoga Retreat


About the yoga:

Give yourself permission to relax deeply with this special springtime yoga retreat designed to help you to relax every layer of your being. With very gentle morning stretches, calming restorative yoga in the afternoon, and deeply restful yoga nidra, this retreat invites you to slow down, become still and relax your body and your mind.  

Restorative yoga takes the effort out of yoga, helping you to soften muscles and release tension, breathe more fully, and calm down your mind. Yoga nidra is a form of meditation through deep relaxation, known as yogic sleep, and is reported to give you the same effects as a good night’s sleep. When combined, these two types of yoga are profoundly effective at restoring energy, slowing down the mind, and increasing our sense of awareness. 

When we allow ourselves to slow down, we start to become more present. We learn how to become more aware so that we can move beyond the chatter of the mind to a deeper quieter place of being. This retreat will give you the time to reflect, contemplate, and practice “doing nothing”, a more peaceful state of being. 

This retreat is perfect for those who are exhausted, complete beginners, as well anyone looking for an excuse to rest and restore. Reclaim your right to rest this spring!


Sample Schedule

Saturday Sound Ceremony

To celebrate our first yoga retreat at Tudor Farmhouse we have a special Saturday evening planned having invited Resonant Being’s Ali Gunning to treat you to a Sound Ceremony. Ali guides you on a journey through sacred sound, a journey deep within yourself at this time of springtime light, vision and clarity. The gong is an ancient instrument of peace and transformation. Its vibrations are felt by every cell and organ of the body, its overtone washes slow the brainwaves and facilitate a state of deep relaxation, meditation or self healing. Ali weaves the sound of beautiful planetary and symphonic gongs with singing bowls, elemental instruments and her voice.

*Please speak with her in advance of the session ([email protected]) if you are pregnant or have tinnitus, pace maker, epilepsy, metal implants from recent surgery or with any other health concerns.