An interview with Judith and Colin from Tintern Parva Vineyard.

parva vineyard
We’re extremely lucky to have Parva Farm Vineyard, one of our wine suppliers, so close by in Tintern Chepstow. We caught up with Colin and Judith recently to ask them a few questions… What are you most famous for? Probably for our Bacchus wines as we have won many awards with them, both nationally and internationally. What makes it so special? The Bacchus grape is quite aromatic and the wine is noted for its “elderflower” nose. It is fresh, fruity and very distinctive – customers come back asking for it time and time again. Why is your produce important to the area? This area is well known for its local produce and also has some very good restaurants. The chefs like to use local ingredients and these wonderful meals should of course be accompanied by high quality, locally produced wines! What is your favourite dish using your produce? Personally I think that Bacchus wine should accompany a meal, not be an “ingredient”. It is particularly good with fish dishes, chicken and pasta. Can you supply a little known or quirky fact about either your own produce or produce from the Gloucestershire area? Not many people realise that wine was produced in this area as long ago as Roman times and that the monks of Tintern Abbey probably had their vineyard on the very site that we now use to grow our grapes… If you’ve got any questions about food and wine matching or would like to know where you can buy any of our wines, please feel free to get in touch with me – I’d be more than happy to help.