Learn more about Float in the Forest


Here at Float in the Forest, we welcome you to carve out a small fragment of time that is solely yours alone to indulge in. An opportunity to pause, reflect, recharge and relax, whilst enjoying your break away at Tudor Farmhouse.

Floatation is not comparable to many other things. Envisage yourself resting soundly in an inviting space like pod, filled with roughly 10 inches of water. There is around 550kg of Epsom salt in each pod, and the water is heated to skin temperature, this allowing there to be little awareness around where the water starts, and where the body ends. Given that the water is incredibly buoyant, you float effortlessly, enabling all pent up muscle tensions to dissolve. Ahhh, splendid!

It is important to note, you are in complete control of your floatation experience. You are able to decide whether you have the pod door partially open, fully open or closed, it really is up to you. We strongly encourage floating in total darkness as there is something incredibly familiar, peaceful and relaxing about the darkness but again, it is your choice. If you would prefer to enjoy the delights of the colourful rainbow cycle throughout the duration of your float, then that is perfectly OK too!

People float for a variety of different reasons, some of which include; relaxation, anxiety and depression, physical pain relief, pregnancy, meditation, the list goes on and on! In fact, over more recent years, scientific research has been carried out in the world of Neuropsychology to measure the positive impact, that floatation has on those who deal with high levels of anxiety, PTSD or depression. For more information on this, please follow this link: https://www.clinicalfloat.org/

Living in such a fast paced society that is constantly switched on, we barely allow ourselves the opportunity to switch off. Floatation creates a possibility to allow yourself to melt away into beautiful silence, to a place where you are able to let go of everything, whilst waves of bliss and tranquillity wash over you, and you arrive at a state that simply enables you to just be. You can find out more and book your float here: https://floatintheforest.co.uk/