Supplier Info – Wye Bikes

We have now been working with Wye Bikes, specialists in e-bike hire, for a number of years.Whether you’re here on holiday or you live in the stunning Wye Valley, their aim is to ensure you get to explore more of this beautiful area in a fun, healthy and hassle free way.

Situated in the heart of the Forest of Dean, a stunning area of the Wye Valley that offers access to a network of amazing bike trails. As well as forest trails you can also explore some of the local towns, villages and fantastic attractions the Wye Valley has to offer.

Wye bikes supply a range of traditional as well as E-Bikes. E-Biking doesn’t mean you don’t exercise. You still have to pedal, it’s just that your pedalling can be assisted as and when needed. It feels like someone is giving you a bit of a push on the difficult bits, so you can zip around the forest trails but you’re still exercising, breathing in fresh air and taking in the amazing scenery.

E-Biking is suitable for all cyclists, no matter what your fitness or cycling ability is. If you can ride a bike then you can ride an E-Bike! You need to be 18+ years old to ride one of their E-Bikes. It’s a perfect mode of transport to explore the Forest of Dean by, giving you the freedom to cover lots of ground while appreciating the natural beauty of the area. They also have junior bikes from Frog along with adult Cube bikes. E-Bikes are increasingly popular with the over 50’s market, so don’t forget to bring the grandparents, they’ll love it too.

E-transport is undoubtedly the way forward as part of a cleaner, greener future. E-Bikes are classified as zero emissions vehicles because they use electric power and human power to push them forward. Wye-Bikes’ mission is to offer more people access to the beautiful Wye Valley and Forest of Dean area.

To book, email us for a special discount code on [email protected] . They will deliver the bikes to you here at the hotel.