Ask the Supplier – John Childs from Cowshill Farm

john, Tudor Farmhouse Hotel. Clearwell, Forest of Dean
We asked one of our long standing and favourite suppliers, John Childs from Cowshill Farm, about his 450 cattle and about their rare breed herds. Here’s his Q&A: Q: What are you most famous for? A: Forgotten and rare breeds of both pork and beef and for farming the old fashioned way.  Our most famous products are Pedigree Berkshire Pork – Pork sausage, Pedigree British Lop Bacon, Old Gloucester Beef   Q: What makes it so special? A: Our concept of farming at Cowshill is based on the understanding that animals should be reared with kindness and respect. We recognise that their happiness is essential. Old breeds are part of our national heritage some that have gone extinct so we have a sense of social responsibility about what we do.   Q: How long have you been producing it? A: The family moved to the farm in 1947 and we have been breeding pigs since 1964, however we can be traced back to the 17th Century as Pork Butchers in Newent!   Q: Why is your produce important to the area? A: Offering local people a chance to support our national heritage and the social responsibility that goes with it.  Its also helps to support traditional farming, keeping the countryside looking as it always has.  This has an impact on plants such as primroses, cowslips and the general diversity of flora and fauna.  Most importantly its giving them tasty local produce!   Q: Apart from your own, what is your favourite local produce?
  • Netherend Butter
  • Bespoke Brewery
  • Kingstone Brewery
  • Charles Martell cheeses
  Q: Can you give us a little known or quirky fact about either your own produce or produce from the area? A: Gloucester beef goes back to the 12th century and you can only make Single Gloucester from Gloucester cows.