Float in the Forest

Float in the Forest

I first met Shari over two years ago when Float in the Forest was just an idea in Shari and Will’s minds. Their passion and determination were immediately evident – and they didn’t even have a site yet! The branding was done and their vision was clear, but it took a frustrating two years to realise their dream.

Float in the Forest finally opened in February 2019 on a site surrounded by beautiful woodland, exactly as they had envisaged. The building may be industrial on the outside but once you step inside you could be anywhere. I was met with a very warm welcome and tour of the float centre, beautifully kitted out, warm and inviting. There are two floatation suites, one of which is completely accessible. As it was my first time, Shari guided me through the dos and don’ts of floating and then left me to it. The wet room style shower was wonderfully hot, and the water in the pod is kept close to skin temperature. The pod itself has lights if you are at all nervous about floating in the dark, and all under your control so you can set them as you wish. I decided to float in the dark with the lid closed (you can leave it open if you prefer). The float pillow really helped me acclimatise to the floatation whilst I relaxed enough to let my body go entirely and remove the pillow. In fact, I became so relaxed that I fell asleep (which is completely safe, the Epsom salts make the body buoyant, removing the effects of gravity). The next thing I knew I was waking up to the lovely music which indicates that your float is coming to an end. After a shower to remove the salt (using their lovely eco-friendly products provided) I took advantage of the relaxation lounge and a cup of Pukka tea. I was so relaxed, my body felt lighter, it was almost as if my body had completely realigned in the pod. This wonderful feeling lasted for 2 days after the float, and I can’t wait to go back…
There are a host of benefits to floating, find out more here.

A one hour float costs £50, which includes everything that you will need to make the most of your experience – you literally don’t need to bring anything with you. A visit to Float in the Forest makes the perfect addition to our Soul Soother package – details here.

For more information please visit the Float in the Forest website here.