Wild Swimming Breaks!

wild swimming, Tudor Farmhouse Hotel. Clearwell, Forest of Dean
The recent sunny weather has had us dreaming of lazy lunches, paddling, picnics and pooh sticks! If you’re looking for a summertime activity to cool you down, why not try one of our brand new Wild Swimming breaks; combining shady picnics (packed with local produce) with outdoor swims. There are plenty of wild swimming spots to choose from near the hotel- whether you’re looking to simply paddle on a riverside beach in Hay-on-Wye or challenge yourself with a 2km swim (from the A4103 to the A438!) through a cluster of pretty Lugg Meadow fields in Hereford. There’re options for couples, singles and families. Download our Wild Swimming Map here to check them all out: Wild Swimming Map. If you’ve never tried it out before, worry not, expert wild swimmer and founder of best-selling ‘Wild Swimming’ Daniel Start has given us a couple of handy tips to get you started;
  • Try to chose a river or lake beach with a gently shelving slope, and make sure you go in and check for depth and deeper holes before you let little ones paddle
  • Cold water greatly reduces swimming ability, at least until you get used to it. So children should stay close to the shore and increase their range slowly. You should always assume that you can swim about a tenth of the distance in cold water that you can in a warm pool
  • Wetsuits can be a great help and allow you to stay immersed indefinitely. There are some great mini wetsuits for children which also add buoyancy
  • Water quality in UK rivers and lakes is generally good. However, never swim in canals or urban areas or in any water straight after a flood
  • Never swim alone and make sure to keep a constant watch over weak swimmers, particularly at beachy areas where water depth can vary unpredictably and you can find yourself suddenly out of your depth
  • Never jump into water you have not thoroughly checked for depth and obstructions. And always make sure you know how you will get out before you get in
  • Wear footwear if you can. You’ll have more confidence and be better able to explore, plus you’ll protect your feet from any sharp stones (old trainers, jelly shoes etc. are fine)
  • Make sure you bring a light weight towel, a picnic rug, midge repellent, suntan lotion (water proof P20 is great), sunhats and a plastic bag for all your wet kit
  • Keep warm and have fun with a simple game of Tag, British Bulldog, Races, Time Trials. Don’t forget to bring a ball to play football, even if it’s only two-aside 
Click the link below or call to book our special Wild Swimming Break: Book now or call 01594 833046 to book. Once again, many thanks to Daniel Start and www.wildswimming.co.uk