Meet Chris Lewis, Jewellery Designer

Chris Lewis Jewellery Designer

Chris Lewis from The Secret Wardrobe makes bespoke jewellery as well as running workshops allowing guests to design their own rings, including wedding rings, bracelets, pendants – the choice is yours. She has teamed up with Tudor Farmhouse to offer a ring making workshop on March 7. Details of the workshop can be found here. We asked Chris to tell us a bit more about herself:

As one of the local businesses who offer our guests
workshops can you tell us who you are and what you do?

I am Chris Lewis, a single mother of two children and a professional Jewellery Designer. My business is called The Secret Wardrobe and I design and make bespoke jewellery and gifts to commission.

Can you tell us Chris how did you become a Jewellery Designer and what sort of things do you make?

I was really looking to be able to work from home with two small children and I needed to create. I have been drawing for many years but the need to create had become irresistible. I did a foundation degree at a local Art College and then went on to do a Bachelors Degree in Jewellery Design. I have worked from home ever since. I make a variety of different jewellery and gifts that mainly reflect the passions and loves of the buyer. My pieces are usually very emotive and I love that.

That sounds very interesting and unusual. How did you get into teaching workshops and what can somebody do on your workshops?

I run workshops from home or in other peoples houses, community halls and at Tudor Farmhouse to give people the opportunity to make themselves or somebody else a ring or a pendant. The workshops are a great way to sit
round a table and have a chat with other people whilst making. I give full tuition but each person gets the chance to choose the design and actually make a silver ring which will last them a lifetime. It’s great fun and very relaxing.

Wow that sounds amazing. Do they need to have any experience or bring any tools?

No, I suggest they bring an apron to protect their clothes but I provide everything. They just have to turn up and enjoy themselves. They can also enjoy a delicious afternoon tea after they have finished the workshop.

What’s the most memorable comment from a customer on my workshop?

That’s a tough one!  Probably “I love that I can now capture what I want to say in silver”. 

To book a space on the ring making workshop which includes afternoon tea afterwards, call us on 01594 833046. The cost including all materials is £100.